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DHair presale and why should you participate!

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If you still consider “yes or no” to participating in our project at, then here is a quick short summary of why you are important to us.
By supporting the Dhair crowdfunding project at you are helping to create a more inclusive and accessible e-commerce hair store by providing high-quality wigs that cater to diverse customers. By backing this campaign, you are supporting a small business committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

Access customizable and affordable wigs made from synthetic and eco-friendly materials, and human hair. A wide range of hair accessories, award-winning and innovative hair care. Additionally, your support will help empower individuals to express themselves through their hair, regardless of their race, gender, or lifestyle. By supporting Dhair, you are making a positive impact on the beauty industry and helping to promote diversity and inclusivity.

Read our project on… 

 If you do not feel like reading and want to go straight to participation here are the options available on, choose one or all the options we have listed for you and remember the price shown is the starting price. If you want to help a bit more, just add those numbers up.: 

 1) Buy Us A Coffee ( minimal participation amount 55kr, but you can go higher. This is an option where you choose to donate this amount )

 2) #DHair Crew Pins ( "Get the perfect sleek hair bun with our Crew pins inspired by air cabin crew girls. Made with a screw-like design, they can hold hairstyle from thin to thick all day." )

3) Synthetic Silk Top Wig  ("Golden Brown Balayage wig with adjustable medium-sized cap and realistic scalp appearance. Pre-styled with 50 cm hair length, bangs, and soft beach waves for immediate use.")

4) Synthetic Balayage Bob Wig with Lace ( Get the realistic look with our 'Rooted' T lace balayage bob wig. Medium-sized cap with a T lace part and frontal, made of heat-resistant synthetic fiber. The shoulder-length blunt cut requires no styling and comes ready to wear. The natural brown root with pearl blonde, golden blonde, and natural brown color play is perfect for a new modern look. )

5) Unique discounts 10%, 20%, 30% ("Get a unique discount code to purchase our 'Custom made' and high-quality ready-made human hair wigs at a lower price. With discounts ranging from 10% to 30% off, save up to thousands of NOKs on wigs that usually cost from NOK 25,000-100,000 or more.")


Thank you for being here for us.

xoxo Dhair - Your Hair's Fashion Game Changer!



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