Preparing for Hair Loss During Chemotherapy: Tips and Options

Preparing for Hair Loss During Chemotherapy: Tips and Options

Facing hair loss from chemotherapy can be a challenging experience, but being prepared and knowing what to expect can help ease the stress. Here are some ways to prepare for hair loss during chemotherapy:

  • Consider Using a Cold Cap (Scalp Hypothermia): A cold cap is a specialized hat worn during certain chemotherapy treatments. Its cooling effect reduces blood flow to the scalp, potentially limiting the amount of chemotherapy medication that reaches this area. Research has shown that using cold caps can be an effective way to minimize hair loss. In one study among women undergoing breast cancer treatment, 66% of those using cold caps lost 50% or less of their hair, compared to those who didn't use them, where all experienced more than 50% hair loss.
  • Haircut Before Chemotherapy: While it can be emotionally challenging, many doctors recommend cutting your hair short before starting chemotherapy. Hair loss typically begins around two weeks after the first treatment. This brief window allows you to consider options like wigs or toppers. If your hair is long and you've acquired a wig, you can choose to shave your head or opt for a stylish short pixie cut. Ask your hairdresser to preserve as much hair as possible in small ponytails to potentially create a wig or topper from your own hair for later use.
  • Exploring Head Coverings: Acquiring a variety of head coverings such as scarves, hats, and turbans is a practical step. These versatile accessories not only offer warmth and sun protection but also provide the option to discreetly cover hair loss as needed. In the initial stages of hair loss, you may not be certain which head coverings suit you best. Having a selection readily available can be advantageous as you navigate this journey.
  • Choosing a Wig Carefully: When selecting a wig, it's essential not to rush the decision, even though your doctor may advise acting quickly. Consider trying on different options until you find the perfect fit. If you're unsure about a wig, you can opt for a head scarf as a temporary solution. Remember that you can utilize your NAV (Norwegian Health Economics Administration) wig benefit when shopping for wigs, making it more accessible and affordable.


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