How to put on a synthetic wig.

How to put on a synthetic wig.

 It is very easy to put on a wig if you have worked out the routine.

 Lets learn some mandatory steps you should implement if you are totally new to wigs. Steps adviced by @maplelivhair (IG) Liva.

Syntetiske Rosa parykker


I always advice to have a wig cap, a wig strap and depends on chosen wig cap model you are going for - you might need some hair pins or an adhesive to fasten lace area, but adhesives requires a bit more practice.  

Steps in putting on a wig are plain and simple:

  1. Gather your own hair in a secure hairstyle that is most suitable to be under a wig ( you  skip this step if your hair is shorter then 1 cm, or no hair at all) read here for hairstyle
  2. Put on a wig cap to secure the hair all in one place. Also this helps in situations, when you are wearing an open back wefted wig, cap will protect your hair from suddenly “becoming visible” on the surface of your wig. Trust me, this has happened to me, and that is not a very flattering moment. ( again, a cap is not mandatory if hair is shorter then 1 cm, or no hair at all. You might need a cap, if you go for a glue down unit. But again, that works in situations if you have darker hair that could shine through wigs lace area)

  3. Use a wig strap. For silk top synthetic wigs, I prefer dhair’s silicone wig strap. As it gives that extra grip, and less pins to add. But for a more comfortable everyday wear, I suggest dhair’s velvet strap.
  4. Secure the elastic adjustment straps in the nape area for more tailored feel
  5. Put on your wig -  first be gentle. Put it on like a hat. Once the wig cap feels put on your head, flip your wig hair back and with the help of your hands adjust the position of the wig cap. P.S wig straps are always located at your nape area. 
  6. Next grab a tail comb, you can skip this step, but this is what i do, as i always take my side hair out to have a more natural look.. but it can be done or not on each person individual preference.
  7. Add bobbypins or adhesives for extra grip and hold. Again, depends on chosen wig cap model
  8. Detangle your wig, using a wig brush or your fingers
  9. Apply synthetic wig styling products if necessary. Or if you are wearing human hair wig, then products for hair styling will do. 



And yes that is it..these are just few of inspiration pictures. From left, first two models are silk top synthetic wigs, and the pink unit is our free parting model in custom style. This you will find in our one if a kind section. 

Some extra tips to add in your wig wearing journey: 

  • Adding a wig strap helps for lace closure wigs. As that gives a more comfortable glueless wear.
  • Large bun Pins works very good to keep your wig in place. Use them in the back. Avoid pinning it through lace, as they can create holes in it. 
  • Wig adhesives we like - matte finish wig glues, got2b freezing spray. More detailed steps in using here.
  • Use your makeup concealer on wigs parting, or apply it on the inside of lace. For synthetic wigs it will help to conceal the knots.
  • For wig without combs inside the cap, secure it with bobbypins. For a more secure grip you will need 6 pins. 3 on each side. First place straight ( l ), then over the first one form an ( X ) shape.. do that on each side. If you do not have enough length in your hair or jo hair at all for bobby-pins to catch on, place your wig band closer to the edge of the wig, and use it as a foundation for your pins.


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