why do people wear wigs

Why would someone wear a wig if they have their own hair?


So, I recently posted a Facebook Reels video, and someone had the audacity to ask a question that caught me off guard - "Why would someone wear a wig if they have their own hair?" At first, I thought, "Psssh, that's a natural question, nothing interesting about it." But this is a question that deserves a thoughtful answer. And let me tell you, there are a ton of reasons why everyone should own a wig.

dhair wigs have no limits

Let me share my own story with you. As a child, my hair was never platinum blonde - more like a beige tone. But in the summer, it would lighten up and have balayage-looking highlights. That's the same pattern I see in my children now.

And guess what? This means that I'm a natural dark brunette naturally  . And the older I get the darker I become (yes, all of this is ok.. we go darker untill we hit the grey - to be grey light again 😂) . And as a hairstylist, I always tell my clients to choose a color that's two tones lighter or darker than their natural hair to avoid excessive upkeep with makeup. It's a surefire way to look amazing with or without makeup. But as a natural brunette, going blonde is not always a promising option for me.

Of course, I've tried blonde hair on myself before, and it looked good...for a week or so. But just a few days later, I was back to looking like a homeless person. Don't get me wrong, I work hard, and I make people beautiful on a daily basis. So, my energy is all used up for that. So it only is normal when I only have the energy to sparkle myself up on the nights when I am going out.

And now, every time my emotions beg me to go blonde, I put on a wig for a day or longer. It helps me understand that while blonde looks good, it's just not worth it for me. And the best part is, I can take it off and go back to my now natural hair with no damage, no regrets, and no commitment.

And that's why you definitely need two wigs - every woman needs two wigs, trust me. The formula is simple: one wig should be the opposite color of what you have now, and the other one with a different haircut. And let me tell you, once you start using wigs in your daily routine, you'll be hooked and want to get more and more hairpieces to add to your collection.

maplelivhair in different wigs

So, to answer that seemingly simple question, "Why wear a wig if you have your own hair?" - there are countless reasons. With a wig, you can experiment with different styles and colors without damaging your natural hair or spending a fortune on professional coloring. This is especially helpful for people who like to change up their looks frequently. 

What do I love most about wigs? They come in all shapes, styles, and price points. While high-end wigs can be expensive, there are plenty of affordable options available. Plus, maintaining a wig can be cheaper than maintaining natural hair, especially if you regularly color your hair. With the current inflation, achieving the color you want through coloring your hair can be more expensive than high-end wigs in the long run.

They can also be a lifeline for people experiencing hair loss or thinning. Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience, and wigs can help restore confidence and self-esteem. They're also a great option for people who have undergone chemotherapy and have lost their hair as a result. 

And young moms? if you have children, then you will understand what I am talking about. The hair falls that usually start on around 4th month after birth, is crazy. Some women experience up to 25% hair loss.. 


Haleluya to wigs and hairpieces to save our self-esteem during these not-so-flattering times.

 In short, I want to say - from experimenting with different colors and styles to avoiding hair damage and excessive upkeep, wigs are a fantastic alternative for everyone. And once you start, you'll be hooked and who knows, maybe become a wig enthusiast, just like me!


Xoxo Liva Klavina


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Sunt momente cand vrei o schimbare ?Si ce schimbare este mai buna decat o peruca ?
Am parul lung ,nu doresc sa-l degradez ,…pentru aceasta ,cand doresc alta culoare folosesc o peruca !Imi pare foarte bine ca v-am gasit pe facebook . Mult bine va doresc !


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