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Wigs explained.

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If you are struggling with looking after your wigs, you need to read this.

But now, if you have come across this article, you must have been thinking. Why is everyone buzzing now about wigs? 

let me tell you this, it is not that people are buzzing about wigs, because of the more noticeable usage of them thanks to the internet, but that actually wigs have been along us a long time ago, and no one was disclosing that they use them as an accessory.

 The most common cause when wigs are used nowadays we think is because of health issues. If it is alopecia or hair fall because of other health-related issues. Even covid is to be blamed for hair fall now. Yes, that's right. We have forgotten that wigs were par to society up to the 70s.

Well don't get us wrong, they still are, but the haircut exploration was created by the one and only Vidal Sasson, who made it possible, by the right haircut you could achieve the wash and go look more easily. And yes, it is related  to the feminism movement as well. 

On the internet, there are two definitions shown for wigs and they read as follows.

Wig - a covering for the head made of real or artificial hair, typically worn by judges and barristers in law courts or by people trying to conceal their baldness.

Wig - an artificial head of hair, either human or syntheticworn to disguise baldness, as part of a theatrical or ceremonial dress, as a disguise, or for adornment


The first definition straight away gives us the image that wigs are either for work at the court, or if you are bald, but the second one, even though it includes the baldness part, it says that wigs are an adornment. So yes, the answer is pretty clear. Wigs are head cover that is made either from artificial or human hair. You use them as a disguise for your own hair, to hide baldness, or to enhance your looks and increase your confidence. The most exciting thing about wigs is that there are thousands of color options, haircuts, and hairstyles to choose from. You wanted to be blonde for that special event, but your hair is black at the moment. There is no need to spend that much time creating the look for you and as well maybe destroying your healthy hair. just wear a wig. 

If you can not find the color you want, or maybe you just want exactly the same color and style as you have it now. There is a possibility to custom-make them, and yes good news is that we customize our units to our client's needs.

In our store, you will find wigs, from high-end human hair wigs to synthetic wig units, that are mono tops for more comfortable wear if you are experiencing hair loss, or lace and silk top models for a little less investment, if you want that perfect selfie hair, in no time and the least investment, synthetic is what you choose. A more glamorous look will be with our human hair wigs. But to be perfectly honest, as good leather boots they will ask for maintenance.  

Have an amazing day, and book a consultation with us, if you are not sure what models to choose. Our custom order form is coming soon and will be added to our store.


xoxo DHair

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