Customised Hairpiece Just For You.

Introducing our game-changing Hair Style Inspiration Wall, designed to make your hairpiece journey a breeze! This vibrant hub is your go-to for discovering jaw-dropping styles and finding the perfect match. Or if you have a wig that needs some major TLC, read our salon services.

How Does It Work?

Read These Steps.


Dive into our mesmerizing wall packed with a kaleidoscope of captivating hair styles. From chic bobs to flowing curls, we've got it all. Let your eyes wander and your imagination run wild.


When you stumble upon a picture-perfect style that steals your heart, snap a screenshot like a pro! Capture the magic and save it for later so you can show it to us. Either it is on our Wig Inspo wall, or from pinterest. As long as you have something to save, we are good.


Ready for us to work our magic? Simply send to our email contact@dhair a custom order consultation request and let us know you are requesting a custom piece quotation and consultation.


Our expert stylists will step in and have a chat and deside what is the best solution to create a customized masterpiece just for you. We'll tailor it to your unique preferences, ensuring you shine like the star you are.

Be Transformed

Get ready to unveil your stunning new style! Once your custom hairpiece is complete, we'll ship it right to your doorstep or invite you over to Dhair Basement to have a try-on. Be ready to elevate your look to the next level.

Send Your Custom Order request here.