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Help My Hairpiece

Help My Hairpiece

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"Help My Hairpiece" - Your Personalized Hair Transformation Service

Do you have a hairpiece lying at home, longing for a fresh new look? OR YOU MISS HOW IT WAS WHEN IT WAS JUST BOUGHT? Perhaps you're looking to prepare it for resale or simply want to breathe new life into it? Look no further – Dhair is here to assist you in achieving your wig, hair topper, hair extension, or clip-in hair extension goals. We offer a range of comprehensive services to revitalize your hairpiece and make it your new favorite accessory.

Option Consultation in person, will give you a chance for an In person Consultation.

Choosing Options with Helthjem, Posten or Bring you will get a free of charge Digital consultation.

Note: This service is only available For Residents in Norway!!! Requests for outside Norway, please get in touch.

Important Read.

Please be Aware that this is not a physical product, and only is a shipping method chose by you to send us your hair piece. If any misunderstanding, please send an email -

First Product Consultation In person, is if you wish to book an in person consultation for this matter.
All the 3 options (Helthjem, Posten, Bring - a free online (video or call) consultation is Included in the service.)

We will work with your sent in hair piece. Any alterations in sizing will be done according to your request.

We accept both synthetic and human hair wigs for customisation and revamp. Please be aware that we do not offer colouring for synthetic wigs.

How it Works

Here's How It Works:

Purchase Prepaid Shipping: Start by buying this "Help My Hairpiece" product. This prepaid shipping ensures a seamless and worry-free process for sending your wig, hair topper or clip-in hair extension to us.

Swift Inspection: Once your hairpiece reaches us, our skilled team will carefully inspect it to assess its condition and potential for customization or care regime.

Personalized Consultation: Within 1-3 days of receiving your hairpiece, we'll schedule a phone or video call with you. This personalized session allows you to share your vision, discuss your desired changes, and let us know how you'd like to transform your wig, hair topper, hair extension, or clip-in hair extension.

Tailored Solutions: After the consultation, we'll provide you with a detailed quote for the required services to achieve your desired look. This quote ensures transparency and allows you to make an informed decision.

Your Choice: The final decision is yours. You can choose to proceed with the customization service or have your hairpiece returned to you. Your satisfaction and confidence are our top priorities.

WHEN to choose.

WHEN Choose "Help My Hairpiece"?

Versatile Services: Whether you want a complete makeover, restyling, or just a touch-up, we have a variety of services tailored to your wig, hair topper, hair extension, or clip-in hair extension needs.

Convenience: Our salon offers pre-booked consultations, which sometimes involve a wait. That's where our "Help My Hairpiece" service comes in. No need to travel; our experts will refresh your hairpiece, making it love-worthy again. For details, email us at Your hassle-free hairpiece transformation is just an email away!

Shipping Information

Flexible Shipping Options: Once you choose this product you are given 2 price options, one is with Helthjem and other with Bring. This covers shipping from the customer to us and back. Both shipments are insured up to the worth 2000kr. For a higher goods insurance, please let us know.

Helhjem - 2-6 days
Posten - 2-6 days
Bring - 1-3 days

NB. please be aware, that the shipping can be affected by bad weather and can increase by 1-3 days from the maximum given time.

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