• Save your time

    With our service, 'Help My Hairpiece,' you have the unique opportunity to send your hairpiece directly to us. No need to schedule salon appointments in advance; simply pack your hairpiece and await our prompt assistance.
  • Virtual Consultation

    Once your hairpiece arrives, we'll schedule a virtual consultation with you. During this session, we'll attentively listen to your ideas and offer our expert recommendations for the best course of action for your hairpiece. Plus, you can expect to receive a quotation for the services right away.
  • Hassle-free Return

    If during the consultation, you find that the service isn't meeting your expectations or the price isn't what you anticipated, no need to worry. We understand, and we'll return your hairpiece to you promptly. The best part? 'Help My Hairpiece' covers both directions, so there are no extra return fees involved.

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Chose the right services for your wig and/or topper. 

Grab a hair clip for any occasion.



While we work on our In Salon wig collection (you won´t believe what is awaiting you), you are more than welcome to order a custom-made wig from #DHAIRWIGS. Our tailored wigs are extremely comfortable, as well as the color is true to the bio hair color you chose or you had. Read through the process to order a custom-made wig.

Custom Hairpiece


Full hair in seconds

``THE hairpiece`` that we think should be owned by every woman. At DHAIR we offer set styles, that are constantly added to our online store. Do not miss, any new releases, as they sell out pretty fast. If you did not get your dream topper, we offer custom-made options as well.

Custom Hairpiece
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